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Meet the artists – Miriam Lieberman Trio

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Meet the artists – Miriam Lieberman Trio

Recently we sent Chelsea D from The New Thing (Monday 9am) on a round the world trip to get to know some of our upcoming Global Rhythms artists ! Next stop the Miriam Lieberman Trio !

Hi Miriam, how would you describe 2016 for you so far?

I would say may 2016 has been an inspiring one so far. I started off playing with my trio at Woodford Folk Festival which has to be one of my all-time favourite festivals. It’s a real buzz to begin the year there. And I also decided that I really wanted to make a new album this year. Around that time I started writing new songs and knew with the right time that I could put into it, I could complete a whole album worth of songs. But I didn’t have the money to do it and so with the encouragement of some very dear friend, filmmakers, I decided to venture into doing a crowd-funded campaign, which was very successful. And I have been recording the new album and also finishing off some studying to be able to have the right pieces of paper to be able to teach music. And I have been also teaching music in Arnhem Land and also in Indonesia where I am right now.

You released your fourth album Birds of the Moon almost 2 years ago, how do you feel about that project looking back on it?

Yeah, so Birds of the Moon was released in 2014 and I think it was a real turning point album for me, because before that I think my style was very much directed towards recreating a West African kind of vibe because that’s being one of my greatest inspirations in music and in terms of rhythms and instruments. But the album Birds of the Moon felt like it was a turning point also because it was when I began actually writing my own music on Kora. The new album is really a development of that because most of the songs are written on Kora and in all different keys and tunings and so it was really the beginning of becoming more adventurous and moving more strongly into my own style of playing.

You have announced that you have almost completed your fifth album, can you tell us a bit about how the process of creating this album has been?

So yeah, the new album is almost completed, all the parts have been recorded and all the songs have been written and it is currently of the stages of final mixing and it’ll go on then to being mastered. We will be launching it on the 27th of October, which is exciting indeed, launching it at the Camelot Lounge and then we begin a tour to various places and states around the country!

Are there any particular musical inspirations that have affected the direction of this album?

In terms of inspirations for the new album “Full Circle” I would say that West African music is still a big inspiration for me in terms of rhythms and fields and of course writing on the Kora but also just the art of telling a story in a song which I think is a very powerful thing to try and do. Hopefully successfully sometimes… And also I guess I’ve been listening to people like Gregory Allan Isakov, he is a new favourite of mine, and then Paul Simon and also any music that really feels like it transforms my emotional state. Because I believe that […]

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